Theatre has been called a truly collaborative art form. Someone could write and star in a one-person show, but they would perform it in the dark if there was no one to turn on the lights. Each and every piece is an integral part of the wonderful puzzle that is live theatre.​

At Dutch-American Theatricals, we strive to take this concept one step further. We realize that a person may bring several different skill sets to a particular project, and we give our teammates the opportunity to stretch all of their creative muscles. We have all been required to wear many different hats on our theatrical journey and we embrace that by allowing our team to take on different roles as the productions warrant.

By allowing the team to take on different duties per production, it presents a fresh take on the material it produces. Whether on stage or behind the scenes, the theatre professionals at Dutch-American Theatricals create original, unconventional productions designed to both challenge and entertain.

Ward Ferguson

Partner | Producer

Jessica Huckabey

Founder | Producer

Lisa Hoover

Operations Director | Associate Producer

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